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Get and Stay Zen for the Holidays with Wednesday Evening Yoga!

2 New 5 Week Class packages start Wednesday Nov 18th!

60 Minute Brand New Beginners Yoga Program is 6pm Wed Nov 18 - Dec 23 (no
class Nov 25)
60 Minute all levels Flow Yoga Program is 7:15pm Wed Nov 18 - Dec 23 (no class
Nov 25)

Each 5 week program is $45. Class meets once a week for 5 weeks.

Preregistration & payment are required before class begins. 
We accept all credit, debit cards & PayPal. To register please call 302.983.6983 or email 

Also we specialize in customized workplace Yoga and Meditation classes for

High Stress Jobs: Police, Firefighters, Teachers, Nurses, Doctors, Bankers, Sales People, Customer Service Folks, Collectors, etc.
Ask about our affordable rates!

Namaste. Welcome to Zen Yoga Room
Zen Yoga Room is committed to providing the highest standards of yoga and meditation instruction to meet the needs of
students in a warm, caring and noncompetitive environment. Students of Zen Yoga Room will experience the profound aspects of yoga and meditation through a committed involvement in healthy practices that connect the mind, body and breath.


What makes Zen Yoga Room different? 

Zen Yoga Room is unique to Newark, Delaware for many reasons. It is a small, neighborhood home Yoga and
Meditation studio that offers small, personalized classes at an affordable price.  The instructors believe that yoga
is for everyone, not just those who are already physically fit or extremely flexible. Men, women, teens, families,
beginners & experienced...all are welcome.

Commitment to Service

Zen Yoga Room is dedicated to a tradition of excellence in teaching. The teachers are committed to
providing hatha
 yoga and meditation instruction for students of all levels and ages. Classes are small
(no more than 10 students), 
so that individual and personal service can be provided to you.

Please don't hesitate to email Zen Yoga Room with any comments or suggestions so that we can serve you better.
Drop in and try a class! We offer a patient, supportive atmosphere.


Yoga is a Moving Meditation.
Benefits of Yoga...

  • increases stamina & energy
  • aids in weight control
  • contributes to a stronger immune system
  • reduces stress & anxiety                              
  • increases flexibility
  • tones & strengthens muscles
  • improves posture
  • helps circulation
  • facilitates detoxification
  • provides cardiovascular conditioning
  • contributes to joint care
  • supports better digestion
  • promotes deeper breathing 
  • alleviates pain
  • improves coordination
  • focuses on the present
  • advances inner peace

Yoga Class Info
Our small, personalized 1 hour hatha yoga classes are a combination of vinyasa (flow), stationary & yin styles of yoga.
A challenging practice that produces extraordinary results while being accessible to all levels & abilities.

Preparing For Class

Arrive 5-10 minutes early so you can sign in & relax before class.
Wear comfortable clothing.
Bring yoga mat & water bottle.
Mats are available for purchase for $10
Don't eat for 3 hours before class.
Talk to your teacher before class, if you have any injuries or health conditions. We can offer helpful modifications, so
that you can honor & serve yourself during practice.

Frequently Asked Questions
What does yoga mean?
Yoga is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning to yoke or to join. Yoga is actually a state of being in which the body and
the mind are joined with the spirit in steadiness and stillness. The physical practice of yoga prepares the body and the
mind to live in a balanced, harmonious state.

How often should I practice? 
Consistency is key when it comes to creating physical wellness, mental clarity and spiritual insight. Practice
consistently 2-3 times per week and you will reap many of the benefits that this discipline has to offer. Practice
consistently 4-6 times per week (including home practice) and you will ignite deep-rooted personal transformation.

Who is a good candidate for yoga?
Everyone can benefit from a yoga practice.

Strength - Balance - Focus - Flexibility - Energy - Inner Peace

Zen Yoga Room
115 Saint Regis Drive
Newark, DE 19711
(302) 983-6983

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